I’m Annalisa, UX and Interaction designer


Make an impact

"Why did you decide to become a designer? " is the most common question that everyone asks me when I say that I'm a designer.

I think there is not wrong or right answer to this, my personal one is that the world is full of bad products that people struggle to use everyday and, as a designer, it's important to make a contribution to improve people’s lives. I love solving complex problems, I am able to plan and carry out strategies for large scale projects, from scoping to production and my ultimate goal is to create and launch useful, beautiful and engaging experiences for the web, mobile and everything between. Outside the office I am busy reading, studying and working on projects regarding design and development. I am very interested about the relationship between democracy, ethics, accessibility and design. I think today as designers we have an enormous responsibility in the world. For this reason I employ a user-centered design approach, focused on real human needs.

Currently I'm contracting as an Interaction designer at Google in London, working in the Google Play Console team.

In my free time I'm doing a project to study the relationship between the usage of emojis and depression in young people. Our aim is to learn if the data could help to create a pattern and eventually to detect depression at early stage with the use of machine learning. Track progress of the project in my trello board and let me know if you'd like to be involved!!! We are looking for people willing to help and make an impact :)

My interests

I am very curious and I try to learn as much as I can from the world and from other people. 

I am a member of the Jury at

Sometimes I like to write articles and to partecipate at hackathons.

The book that I'm currently reading is: Product Leadership by Richard Banfield and Martin Eriksson.


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